Divisional boundary reviews

Divisional boundaries are reviewed in the year before the Local Government Quadrennial Elections, as required by law.

Each council division is required to have relatively the same number of electors so that each person's vote carries the same weight (one vote, one value). This is known as a 'reasonable proportion of electors' (quota).

Reasonable proportion of electors (quota)

As Queensland's population grows and shifts, the number of voters in each local government area (council) changes.

Councils must review enrolment within their divisions and notify the Local Government Minister and the Electoral Commissioner of the results no later than:

  • Brisbane City Council -  1 October, two years before the Local Government Quadrennial Elections.
  • Other divided councils (except Indigenous regional councils) - 1 March, the year before the Local Government Quadrennial Elections.

To determine the quota, divide the total number of enrolled electors in a local government area by the number of councillors (excluding the mayor). A tolerance of either 10% or 20% is allowed depending on the number of electors:

  • For a local government area with more than 10,000 electors: 10%
  • For any other local government area: 20%

See section 15 of the Local Government Act 2009 and section 17 of the City of Brisbane Act 2010 for more information.

Finalised reviews

The Change Commission has finalised the following divisional boundary reviews:

For further information please email LGboundaries@ecq.qld.gov.au or call 1300 881 665.