Broadcasters and publishers have disclosure obligations under the Electoral Act 1992, including a requirement to lodge a summary of all electoral advertising they have published or broadcast during the capped expenditure period.   ​

The disclosure return must be lodged via the ECQ’s Electronic Disclosure System (EDS) and is due within 8 weeks after the election.​

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Lodging election summary returns (broadcasters and publishers)

The disclosure return must be lodged via the ECQ’s Electronic Disclosure System (EDS). It  is due within 8 weeks after the election and must include:

  • details of each election advertisement broadcast or published for the election
  • the type of publication or broadcasting service
  • the person at whose request the advertisement was broadcasted/ published
  • the participant in the election who authorised the advertisement
  • dates, time and duration of broadcasts or the journal page and space
  • ​whether a charge was made for broadcasting/publishing the advertisement, including the amount charged, and
  • whether the amount charged was less than the normal commercial rate.

Broadcasters and publishers must keep comprehensive and accurate records relating to election advertising for five years. They are subject to audit procedures and compliance activities conducted by the ECQ. There are substantial penalties for not complying with record keeping responsibilities and obligations. ​

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