Expression of Interest

Find out more about the process to apply to work at an election.

Apply to work

To apply to work at an election, you will need to submit an online expression of interest (EOI) application. It should take around 20 minutes to complete your EOI through the Self Service Portal.

To work at an election in Queensland, you must be on the electoral roll or the provisional electoral roll. To check your enrolment, enrol to vote or update your details, please visit the Australian Electoral Commission website.

In your application, you will be asked for your preferences for employment and details of your relevant skills and experience.

You will be sent an email confirming your EOI has been received.

Tips on completing your EOI:

  • It is important the information you include is accurate and current.
  • Provide the most relevant examples to demonstrate your skills, abilities and personal qualities for your preferred role/s.
  • Include details of any previous election work you have completed.
  • Please note: You will need to complete the application in full for it to be submitted.

Review of applications

The Returning Officer in each council/electorate will review the EOI on the applicant’s merit. Offers of employment are made up to eight weeks before the election and continue throughout the election period.

Offer of employment

If you are successful, you will receive an offer of employment by email, and if you accept the position you will be sent a letter of employment via email.

All temporary election staff must complete online training and some positions will need face-to-face training.


You may be asked to take part in an anonymous survey about your experience of the recruitment process and working at the election. These surveys are entirely voluntary, with the feedback used to identify our strengths and target business improvement opportunities with our processes.

Frequently asked questions

If you are a successful applicant, you will receive offers of employment as early as eight weeks before election day. These will be sent via email by the local Returning Officer.

Notifications will not be sent to unsuccessful applicants.

Please be aware that lodging an EOI does not guarantee employment.

QGov is Queensland Government's preferred secure website for storing personal information. QGov will store your login credentials to ensure secure access to the Electoral Commission of Queensland (ECQ) Expression of Interest (EOI) portal. The details contained within your EOI will be stored by the ECQ.

ECQ is dedicated to ensuring the highest levels of security to protect your information. By using QGov the ECQ is protecting the information provided to us from you. Part of the security measures is for you to authenticate your personal email address against the QGov service to ensure only you can access your information whilst working for ECQ. The QGov service uses confirmation of identity techniques such as SMS/text or email code verification messages that only you will receive. You will be required to use your QGov login every time you log into the ECQ Self Service Portal.

If you have a question relating to your QGov account you will need to contact QGov on 13 74 68 to discuss your enquiry.

No. QGov is an initiative for Queensland Government, while MyGov is for Federal Government agencies (eg; Australian Taxation Office and Medicare).

You can view and edit your EOI details at any time by logging into your Self Service Portal. You will need your QGov login to access the Self Service Portal.

The Self Service Portal is a component of the ECQ’s new Election Management System. Submitting or modifying an EOI is only one of several functions the public will be able to do within the Self Service Portal. For example, should you be successful in obtaining employment for an election, you will be able to enter your financial details, access training materials, complete your timesheets and view your pay advices in the Self Service Portal.

No. You can nominate a radius preference to indicate how far you are willing to travel for work. Returning Officers try to hire people to work at polling booths that are close to the employee’s home, but this isn’t always possible.

No. You must be on the electoral roll or the provisional roll to work at an election in Queensland.   To check your enrolment, enrol to vote or update your details, please visit the Australian Electoral Commission website.

Yes, those who are 16 and 17 year old are able to work at elections, but you will need to be provisionally enrolled to vote. To check your enrolment, enrol to vote or update your details, please visit the Australian Electoral Commission website.

Yes. People with a disability are encouraged to apply to work at elections.

Yes, all temporary election staff must complete mandatory training before they can start work. Depending on your role, the training could include reviewing handbooks, completing online courses, attending face-to-face training, or a combination of these methods. Training is mandatory and must be completed before work commences.

Yes, mandatory training must be completed before each election as procedures, systems and legislation may have changed.

You will be paid in accordance with the specified rates of pay PDF (0.1 MB) for different roles.

You will be paid by electronic funds transfer to your nominated bank account within three weeks of election day.

Your payslip will be available through your Self Service Portal.

You can access payment summary information from the Australian Tax Office (ATO) via a myGov account. Temporary election staff who do not have a myGov account will be required to create one.

Payment summary information is known as an Income Statement in ATO Online Services. For more information refer to Accessing your income statement online provided by the ATO or call 13 28 61.

Yes, for some people. Temporary staff are eligible for superannuation once their earnings reach $450.00 within a calendar month. The ECQ will pay employer superannuation contributions equivalent to the Superannuation Guarantee Contribution rate (currently 9.5% of the employee’s ordinary time earnings).

It may. For advice on how payments for temporary election work may affect any government benefits, please contact the Department of Human Services.

The ECQ does not have a specific dress code for temporary election staff, but you are expected to exercise common sense and wear practical clothing appropriate to a professional work environment. Examples of inappropriate clothing include singlets, thongs or t-shirts with offensive or political images or messages.

You are strongly encouraged to wear supportive footwear due to the significant amount of time that many temporary election staff spend walking or standing to perform their duties.

No, food and drinks are not supplied so we recommend you bring these with you as not all work locations will be close to a shop or café. Your supervisor will call you before you work to let you know whether water, a fridge and/or microwave are available as this will dictate what you’ll need to bring.

If you are working on election day, please plan for lunch and dinner with snacks in between.

If you find yourself unable to work for any reason, please advise your Returning Officer as soon as possible.

Yes, you need to submit a new EOI every time you want to express an interest to work at an election. You need to ensure you have pressed the ‘Interested’ button against the election you wish to be considered for and ensure all fields are completed – including the Conflict of Interest questions.

You will have the opportunity to update your EOI at any time if your details have changed or if you wish to edit your responses to the EOI skillset questions. You can do this by visiting the ECQ website and logging into the Self Service Portal.

If you obtain employment you will be required to complete your financial details (eg; bank account, superannuation, taxation) in the Self Service Portal. These details will also carry over to future events. Should these change in the future you will be able to update them at any time.

If you have previously worked for us and have supplied your financial information, please ensure that your details are up to date. Providing incorrect (or outdated) financial details may lead to delayed payments.

If you submitted an EOI for the March 2020 local government elections, you will be able to manage your notification settings for upcoming elections. If your radius extends to an area that has an upcoming election, you will be notified via email and asked to verify your interest via the Self Service Portal. If you advise you are interested, your EOI will be sent through to the Returning Officer of that area for review and possible recruitment. If you advise you are not interested, you will be marked in the system as such for that election only.