Register of Political Parties PDF (0.67 MB)

Register of Political Parties Notices

Party name and constitutionAbbreviation Date registered Registration amendment in progress
Australian Labor Party (State of Queensland)
ALP Constitution PDF (3.35 MB)
Australian Labor Party 14/08/1992 No
Queensland Greens
The Greens Constitution   PDF (0.14 MB)
The Greens 06/05/1994 No
Liberal National Party of Queensland 
LNP Constitution PDF (0.44 MB)
LNP 09/09/2008 No
Pauline Hanson's One Nation Queensland Division
Pauline Hanson's One Nation Constitution PDF (0.5 MB) 
Pauline Hanson's One Nation 12/08/2011 No
Katter’s Australian Party (KAP)
Katter’s Australian Party (KAP) Constitution   PDF (0.19 MB)
KAP 22/09/2011 No
Civil Liberties & Motorists Party
Civil Liberties & Motorists Party Constitution PDF (0.15 MB)
No abbreviation registered 23/10/2015 No
Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party (QLD)
Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party (QLD)   PDF (0.11 MB)
No abbreviation registered 05/11/2018 No
Animal Justice Party (Queensland)
Animal Justice Party Constitution PDF (0.4 MB)
Animal Justice Party 02/01/2020 Yes
Informed Medical Options Party (IMOP)
Informed Medical Options Party QLD Constitution PDF (0.11 MB)
No abbreviation registered 16/07/2020 No
Legalise Cannabis Qld (Party)
Legalise Cannabis Qld (Party) Constitution PDF (0.15 MB)
No abbreviation registered 09/09/2020 No
Ref #Third partyAgent nameDate registeredDate deregistered
001Automotive Food Metals Engineering Printing & Kindred Industries UnionMr Rohan Webb4 August 2020 
002Australian Municipal Administrative Clerical Services Union Queensland Together BranchMr Alexander Scott5 August 202021 September 2020
003ADVANCE AUS LTDMr Matthew Sheahan6 August 2020 
004United Workers UnionMr Matthew Lawrence10 August 2020 
005Mineralogy Pty LtdMr Chitondo Mashayanyika11 August 2020 
006Queensland Council of UnionsMr Michael Clifford12 August 2020 
007Queensland Nurses and Midwives’ UnionMs Elizabeth Mohle13 August 2020 
008New Hope Corporation LimitedMr Peter Turnbull17 August 2020 
009Australian Rail Tram & Bus Industry Union (Queensland Branch)Mr Owen Doogan17 August 2020 
010Shop Distributive & Allied Employees AssociationMr Christopher Gazenbeek17 August 2020 
011Australian Municipal Administrative Clerical and Services Union Queensland (Services and Northern Administrative) BranchMr Neil Henderson18 August 20206 January 2021
012Queensland Services, Industrial Union of EmployeesMr Neil Henderson18 August 2020 
013Queensland Independent Education Union of EmployeesMr Terence Burke18 August 2020 
014Australasian Meat Industry Employees’ Union Queensland BranchMr Matthew Journeaux24 August 2020 
015Australian Conservation Foundation IncMr Anthony Moore24 August 2020 
016Australian Christian LobbyMs Wendy Francis27 August 2020 
017Cold Mountain Stud Pty LtdMr Chitondo Mashayanyika27 August 202010 September 2020
018Australian Marine Conservation SocietyMr Darren Kindleysides27 August 2020 
019Palmer Gold Coast Pty LtdMr Chitondo Mashayanyika27 August 202010 September 2020
020Waratah CoalMr Chitondo Mashayanyika27 August 202010 September 2020
021Shooters Union Qld Pty LtdMs Janet Linsley7 September 2020 
022Australian Youth Climate Coalition LimitedMs Sylvia Soo7 September 2020 
023United Firefighters Union of Australia Union of Employees QLDMs Angela Oliver8 September 2020 
024Queensland Teachers Union of EmployeesMr Graham Moloney8 September 2020 
025Cherish Life Queensland IncMs Teeshan Johnson11 September 2020 
026Local Government Association of QueenslandMr Greg Hallam11 September 2020 
028100% RENEWABLE COMMUNITY CAMPAIGN INC T/AS Solar CitizensMs Ellen Roberts18 August 2020 
029Together Queensland Industrial Union of EmployeesMr Alexander Scott18 September 2020 
030Transport Workers Union of Australia Queensland BranchMr Peter Biagini23 September 2020 
031Maritime Union Queensland BranchMr Stephen Cumberlidge28 September 2020 
032Green Shirts Movement Australia LtdCr Martin Bella2 October 2020 
033Farmers United LimitedMr Mark Vass6 October 2020 
034Rite-ON Pty LtdMr Ronald Hutchins6 October 2020 
035Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Industrial Union of Employees QueenslandMr Michael Ravbar8 October 2020 
036Queensland Resources CouncilMr Glenn Buckner9 October 2020 
037Dying With Dignity Qld Inc.Ms Jos Hall14 October 20208 March 2021
039Ben BeaumontMr Ben Beaumont19 October 2020 
040Australian Institute for ProgressMr Graham Young20 October 2020 
041CEPU Plumbing DivisionMr Gary O’Halloran21 October 2020 
042QLD Food FutureMs Josephine Angus21 October 2020 
043Australian Sugar Milling CouncilMr David Pietsch23 October 2020 
044AgForce Queensland Farmers LtdMr Michael Guerin30 October 2020

From 20 January 2020, all candidates who contest local government elections are required to  register their group with the ECQ before they conduct group campaigning activities. Further information about the requirements and obligations for groups of candidates is available in Fact sheet 5 - Information for groups of candidates PDF (0.19 MB).

Below is the register of all groups of candidates registered with the ECQ for the 2020 local government elections.

Group NameLocal Government AreaCandidates in the Group
(Division / Mayoral, if applicable)
Name of AgentDate Group Registered

Liberal Democrats Ipswich

Ipswich City Council

Anthony William Bull (Division 2)

Jacinta Kirsten Bull (Division 3)

Anthony William Bull

21 January 2020

Logan needs Moore

Logan City Council

Luke David Moore (Division 6)

Chris James Moore (Division 12)

Lachlan Daniel Clark Thomson

21 January 2020


Mt Isa Regional Council

Phillip Maurice Barwick

Peta Michelle Macrae

Jean Ferris

Paul Robert Stretton

Michael Edward Tully

Herbert George Fortune

Joyce Kathleen McCulloch (Mayoral)

Phillip Maurice Barwick

21 January 2020

Future Noosa

Noosa Shire Council

Andrew Squires

Karen Anne Finzel

David Cole Fletcher

Jane Parviainen

22 January 2020


Mackay Regional Council

Ian Robert Christensen

Jeffrey Gerrard Keioskie

Ian Robert Christensen

28 January 2020

Unity Maranoa

Maranoa Regional Council

Mark Cameron Edwards

Tyson Duthie Golder (Mayoral)

Wayne Leslie Ladbrook

Julie-Marie Lesley Guthrie

John Reginald Page Birkett

Mark Edwards

29 January 2020

Greg Williamson Alliance

Mackay Regional Council

Gregory Roy Williamson (Mayoral)

Karen Lesley May

Frances Alana Mann

Michelle Irene Green

Ayril Richard Paton

Belinda Carol Hassan

Gregory Stephen Fisher

Pauline Ann Townsend

Craig Desmond Menkins

Justin Francis Englert

Ross Charles Gee

Gregory Williamson

29 January 2020

Our Voice

Moreton Bay Regional Council

Rodney James Hansen (Division 3)

Karen Leigh Haddock (Division 4)

Scott Alexander Donovan (Division 6)

Bevan Collingwood

29 January 2020

Our Team 4 Your Shire

Mareeba Shire Council

Edward Keith Brown (Mayoral)

Mary Catherine Graham

Mario Mlikota

Kevin Davies

Mladen Bosnic

Kevin Davies

30 January 2020

Cairns Unity Team

Cairns Regional Council

Terence Albert James (Division 4)

Kristy Jade Vallely (Division 6)

Robert Charles Manning (Mayoral)

Amy Maree Eden (Division 5)

John Leslie Schilling (Division 2)

William Brett Moller (Division 1)

Rhonda Joy Coghlan (Division 8)

Max William O’Halloran (Division 7)

Daniel Alexander McCarthy

31 January 2020

Team Jenny Hill

Townsville City Council

Jennifer (Jenny) Lorraine Hill (Mayoral)

Margie Ryder (Division 1)

Ann-Maree Greaney (Division 3)

Liam John Mooney (Division 9)

Mark Raymond Molachino (Division 4)

Kurt Spencer Rehbein (Division 7)

Lesley (Les) Alexander Walker (Division 10)
(03/02/2020 – 16/11/2020)

Scott Anthony McElligott (Division 10)
(from 18/12/20)

Suzy Rose Batkovic (Division 6)

Maurice Geoffrey Soars (Division 8)

Russ Michael Cook (Division 5)

Nanette Kim Radeck (Division 2)

Denise Soars

3 February 2020

Cairns N.Q.S.A Team

Cairns Regional Council

Jeanette Ivy Sackley (Mayoral)

Jan Zbigniew Sobotka (Division 1)

Jennifer Clark (Division 7)

Jason Webber (Division 4)

Dariusz Maria Chrabkowski (Division 9)

Scott Daniel Feeney (Division 3)

Andrew David Schebella (Division 8)

Margaret Joy Woodfield (Division 5)

Jeanette Ivy Sackley

7 February 2020

team WORK

Ipswich City Council

Debra Alyson Mesa Lewis (Division 3)

William Joseph Heck (Division 3)

Debra Alyson Mesa Lewis

10 February 2020

Mount Isa Community Team

Mt Isa Regional Council

Danielle Dee Slade (Mayoral)

Bernard Leo Gillic

James Rupert Bambrick

Thomas Anthony Heffernan

Lesley-Ann Peterson

Natasha Jane Hydon

Gary Philip Abel

Danielle Dee Slade

21 February 2020

TSV Team NQ State Alliance

Townsville City Council

Brigot Leeanne Pugh (Division 1)

Frances Ann O’Callaghan (Division 10)

Jacinta Maree Warland (Division 9)

Alan Mackenzie Sheret (Division 3)

Christopher (Chris) John Eastaughffe (Mayoral)

Damon Michael Johnstone (Division 6)

Christopher Hanson (Division 8)

Peter Newey

26 February 2020

Team Josh Weazel

Woorabinda Aboriginal Shire Council

Joshua Mark Weazel (Mayoral)

Laurence Weazel

Vincent Anthony Ghilotti

Gerald Kenneth Doyle

Joshua Mark Weazel

2 March 2020


Ipswich City Council

Paul Gregory Tully (Division 2)

Nicole Kay Jonic (Division 2)

Amber Mina

2 March 2020

It’s Time for Townsville

Townsville City Council

Greg Ian Dowling (Mayoral)

Martin David Brewster (Division 6)

Harshad Patel (Division 7)

Nicole Sara Bates (Division 3)

Paul Michael Bagenal (Division 5)

Nigel Craig Ward (Division 1)

Martin David Brewster

3 March 2020

Locals UNITED – Back to Basics

Mount Isa City Council

David Frederick Fletcher (Mayoral)

Robyn Monica Ferrier

Stephanie King

Jennifer Marie French

David Frederick Fletcher

3 March 2020