Working at an election

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In the lead up to state and local government elections, the ECQ recruits thousands of temporary staff to help run polling places and to count votes. Work is available on election day, and in the weeks before and after election day.

There are multiple casual roles available, and each position has its own set of tasks, competencies and attributes.

All temporary election staff are paid and receive training and support.


To work at a state or local government election you must:

Positions available

There are no positions currently available.

The ECQ will provide further information about employment opportunities for the state general election later this year. To register your interest to work at an election, please submit an expression of interest for the specific election event.

Read about the expression of interest process.

Find out more about the duties of different roles and pay rates:

Workforce Diversity

The ECQ embraces diversity and inclusion and is committed to creating a workplace that reflects the population of Queensland. Election staff who have previously worked for the ECQ are encouraged to apply.

The ECQ encourages applications from people who:

  • have no prior experience working at an election
  • are proficient in English but also speak another language
  • are living with a disability, or
  • are of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent.


All positions require home study, which involves reviewing materials available online and completing the ECQ’s online training program.

Staff working on election day must complete their training at least one week prior to election day. All other staff must complete their training before commencing work. Failure to do so may result in your offer of employment being withdrawn.

How to apply

When applying to work at an election, you will need to have the following information ready:

  • details of previous election work (if applicable)
  • positions and council area/state electorates you wish to work in
  • an example of your experience/capability in:
    • providing customer service and working in a team environment
    • calculating figures accurately
    • working to deadlines
    • working as part of a team, including experience:
      • managing or supervising staff (if applying for a supervisor role)
      • working under pressure
      • demonstrating attention to detail, and
      • working independently with minimum supervision.

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