Ipswich City Local Government Area

The Change Commission is reviewing the internal boundaries (divisions) of the Ipswich City Council. The purpose of this review is to ensure each division of the Council has a similar number of voters (quota), so that each person's vote has the same value.

The Change Commission has determined that Ipswich should be divided into four (4) multi-member divisions with two (2) councillors representing each division. The proposed boundaries of these four divisions can be viewed in the table below.

Review Documentation

The Commission's Proposal

Maps of Divisional Boundaries

Proposed Divisions - Spatial Data (Divisions & Statistical Area Level 1 (SA1))

Please note these datasets are for users of spatial programs such as MapInfo or ESRI.
The datasets are based on the proposed divisional boundaries.

Existing Divisions - SA1 PDF Maps &  SA1 CSV Data
Please note the information below is based on the existing divisional boundaries.

Supporting Information

Fact Sheets

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Public Submissions

Comments on the proposal closed 30 July 2019.

Review Timetable

Timetable information may be subject to change and will be updated throughout the assessment process.

7 May 2019Ministerial referral received
9 July 2019Publication of the Change Commission's proposal
9 July 2019Public comments on the proposal are invited
30 July 2019Closing date for public comments 
To be determinedPublication of the Change Commission's final determination