Local government boundary reviews

The Local Government Change Commission (Change Commission) is the independent body responsible for assessing proposed changes to Queensland councils.

Before this can happen, change proposals must first be given to the Minister responsible for Local Government (the Minister) for consideration. Initial enquiries about proposing a change to the Minister should be directed to the relevant regional advisor from the Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning.

Once a change request is received, the Minister then decides whether to refer the proposal to the Change Commission for a detailed assessment.

The types of assessments that can be done by the Change Commission include:

Once the Change Commission finalises an assessment, it must provide the results to the public and to the Minister.

The Governor in Council may implement a recommendation made by the Change Commission under a regulation. The regulation may provide for anything that is necessary or convenient to facilitate the change.


The Minister responsible for Local Government has referred the following change requests to the Change Commission for an independent assessment.

External boundary reviews

Electoral arrangement reviews

Fact sheets

Legislative requirements

Assessments will be based on the following legislation (and subordinate regulations):

Brisbane City Council

All other Queensland local government areas

Spatial data

Spatial data relating to local government divisional and area boundaries are available to download from QSpatial.

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