Livingstone Shire Council and Rockhampton Regional Council - External Boundary Review

The Local Government Change Commission (Change Commission) has completed its assessment of a proposal to change the boundaries between Livingstone Shire Council and Rockhampton Regional Council. See the Minister's referral here PDF (1.28 MB).

The proposed change was to transfer three suburbs, Glenlee, Rockyview and Glendale, from Livingstone Shire Council to Rockhampton Regional Council.

Final report

The Change Commission’s final report has been provided to the Minister responsible for Local Government.

After assessing the available material, and considering Ministerial directions and relevant legislative provisions, the Change Commission recommended that there be no change to the current boundary between the Livingstone Shire Council and the Rockhampton Regional Council and that the suburbs of Glenlee, Rockyview and Glendale remain part of the Livingstone Shire Council.

The full report can be found here PDF (1.44 MB).

In accordance with the Local Government Act 2009, the Change Commission has published a notice of its final report in the Queensland Government Gazette.

What did the Change Commission consider as part of its review?

Public consultation

The Change Commission considered public feedback as part of the review.

A voluntary survey was conducted to provide an opportunity for electors across the Livingstone Shire Council and the Rockhampton Regional Council areas to have their say. The survey closed on 4 July 2022.

The survey results can be found here

Submissions from Livingstone Shire Council and Rockhampton Regional Council were received and published prior to the public consultation period.

The Change Commission also accepted written submissions from anyone who wished to provide their view or information they would like to be considered during the review.

The period for providing written submissions on the proposed boundary change closed on 4 July 2022.

Published submissions can be found here.

Financial assessment

In line with the Minister’s referral, the Change Commission engaged the Queensland Treasury Corporation (QTC) to assess the potential financial impacts of the proposed change on both Livingstone Shire Council and Rockhampton Regional Council.

The QTC’s financial assessment was finalised in early April 2022 and is available to read here PDF (1.64 MB).

For more information, see the frequently asked questions section below.

Local planning considerations

The Change Commission sought advice from the Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning (DSDILGP) regarding planning matters it should consider in the Livingstone Shire Council and Rockhampton Regional Council region.

In particular, the Change Commission requested information relating to existing planning schemes, future developments and population growth, information about resource sharing or reciprocal use of services arrangements between the local governments, any matters of state interest, and whether there were any other recommended actions regarding planning considerations.

DSDILGP's advice is available to read here PDF (5.12 MB).

Other considerations

The Change Commission also considered other matters as part of the review, including those raised in the Minister’s referral PDF (1.28 MB) and those prescribed under Division 1 of the Local Government Regulation 2012.

For example, the Local Government Regulation states that external boundaries should have regard for the following criteria:

  • communities of interest considerations
  • joint arrangements in conjunction with, or instead of a change to external boundaries
  • planning and development considerations, and
  • resource base sufficiency.