Ipswich City Council - electoral arrangements review

The Local Government Change Commission (Change Commission) has been asked to conduct a mid-term review of the Ipswich City Council’s current multi-member arrangements.

On 9 July 2019, the Change Commission published an electoral arrangement and divisional boundary review report, recommending the Ipswich City Council be divided into four multi-member divisions with two councillors representing each division. The Change Commission also recommended that:

“Given the unique situation in Ipswich and the significance of the changes being recommended by this review, the Change Commission recommends the Minister consider directing the Ipswich City Council, in consultation with the Change Commission, to conduct a mid-term review and community consultation in 2022 to gauge residents’ experiences and satisfaction with the multi-member arrangement and divisional boundaries.”

The Deputy Premier and Minister for State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning subsequently referred the conduct of a mid-term review to the Change Commission on 7 July 2022. See the Minister's referral here.

The 2019 Ipswich City Council Electoral Arrangement and Divisional Boundary Review Final Determination Report and supporting documents can be found here.

The Change Commission has consulted the council regarding the review process and timeframes.

Written submissions

The period for providing written submissions on the Ipswich City Council electoral arrangements review closed on 28 November 2022.

Each submission has been reviewed in accordance with the publication guidelines and can be found here.

What is the Change Commission considering as part of its review?

Public Consultation

The Change Commission is interested in hearing community views on all aspects of the current arrangements, including:

  • experience with existing multi-member arrangements, and
  • the current number of councillors representing the Ipswich community.

The opportunity to provide written submissions on multi-member electoral arrangements has now closed. The submissions have been published on the Electoral Commission of Queensland’s website, subject to publication guidelines.

Each submission received has been reviewed to determine whether it is able to be published. The Change Commission aims to publish all submissions where appropriate to do so. However, it reserves the right to redact content, or not publish submissions at its discretion.

All submissions can be found here.

Other considerations

The Change Commission will assess whether a change to the electoral arrangements is in the public interest by considering:

  • matters prescribed under Part 3, Division 2 of the Local Government Act 2009, and
  • the views of the community.

What happens next?

When the public consultation period has concluded, the Change Commission will consider written submissions and other available information that relates to the review.

The Change Commission will then prepare a final report which will be provided to the Minister responsible for Local Government and published on the ECQ website. The report is expected to be available in early 2023.