2020 State General Election

Queensland’s 2020 state general election is in October

Queensland has fixed state government terms. Elections are held every four years with election day on the last Saturday of October.

There are a range of voting options for electors including early voting, postal voting, election day voting on 31 October and telephone voting for eligible electors.

COVID-19 has become a factor in elections during 2020. The ECQ has developed a Statement of Intent PDF (0.24 MB) outlining the principles being applied to ensuring voting in October’s state general election occurs in a safe and fair manner.

These principles centre on three factors:

  • health advice from the Chief Health Officer
  • successful provisions implemented during March’s local government elections
  • ensuring electors are enfranchised.

The ECQ’s guiding principles in delivering the 2020 state government election



  • Expanded voting services to ensure electors have a range of voting options
  • Applications for postal votes to open early
  • Additional postal voting capacity
  • Additional capacity for the ECQ Call Centre
  • Facilitating political participation through how-to-vote messaging and scrutineering of vote counting
  • Specific election-related information included on the ECQ website
  • Ongoing health guidance provided from the Chief Health Officer
  • Key health measures:
  1. Plan your vote
  2. Choose where and when to vote
  3. Stay 1.5m apart
  4. Use hand sanitiser
  5. Bring your own pen or pencil
  • Additional staff employed for queue control
  • Any additional measures recommended by Queensland’s Chief Health Officer prior to the election

ECQ’s planning aligns with legislation passed by the Queensland Parliament to facilitate the safe conduct of the election, acknowledging the Queensland Government’s Statement of principles governing the conduct of the COVID-19 Queensland General Election.

All election specific information will be available on ECQ’s website in coming months.