Published disclosure returns

The Electoral Commission of Queensland (ECQ) publishes disclosure returns as they are submitted. We review these returns only to ensure they adhere to Queensland laws. Any failure to meet legislative requirements may result in compliance action, penalty notices, prosecution or all the above.

Information for Donors

If you've donated to a political party or candidate and need more information about your obligations, please download the:

Electronic Disclosure System (EDS)

The EDS is an innovative, real-time system that allows anyone to view the disclosures provided by donors, candidates and political parties. You can view these disclosures as soon as they are lodged. You can search by name, party, donor, electorate, date, gift value and much more. Then, export the report to Excel or print to PDF.

Electronic Disclosure System

The data shown in reports appears as users uploaded it, and isn't verified or validated by ECQ.

For assistance, visit the Electronic Disclosure System Help Centre.

Or, read these user guides:

The procedure for electronic disclosure PDF (3.57 MB) explains how to access EDS to make and view disclosures.

Archive of disclosure returns

Pages with glossaries, instructions or no information may not have been scanned.

The ECQ keeps original documents which you can request to inspect.

  • Election disclosure returns
  • Annual disclosure returns

The ECQ is currently migrating these returns from our previous website. If you would like to view a return that was lodged before the Electronic Disclosure System was introduced, please contact the Funding & Disclosure Unit on 1300 881 665 or via email to