Electoral Commission Queensland

Electoral Boundaries

An electoral boundary is a geographically defined area, frequently referred to as a division or ward at the local government level, or a district or electorate at the state government level. 

Boundaries are designed primarily based on the number of enrolled electors who reside within them. Community interest concerns are often also factored into these reviews.  

Over time the number of electors residing in each boundary area can change, altering the balance of electors. It is the responsibility of the Local Government Change Commission and the Queensland Redistribution Commission to review and adjust local and state electoral boundaries to ensure electors in each area receive equal representation.

Boundary maps

Maps of the existing state electoral boundaries are on display at ECQ's office during normal business hours, or you can view interactive and/or static maps here: 

The digital Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data for the state electoral boundaries are available through the Queensland Government Spatial Catalogue (QSpatial).