Voter assistance

There are a range of services available to give Queensland voters every possible opportunity to have their say at the ballot box.

Assisted services

Assistance at the polling booth

A person may join you in the polling booth should you need help when making your vote. This person may act as an interpreter, read and explain the ballot paper instructions, complete the ballot paper according to your instructions and place the ballot paper in the ballot box. This service is available during early voting and on election day.

Electors with mobility issues who are unable to access a polling booth, are able to vote from their car. An ECQ official at the polling booth will facilitate this process following a request.

Declared institution voting 

For elections where this service is provided, polling officials visit patients and residents of registered declared institutions, such as some hospitals or aged care facilities before election day. This service is not available to institution staff or visitors.

Refer to the Declared Institution fact sheet PDF (0.16 MB) for more information. To register a declared institution, please contact the ECQ.

Disability access

Information about disability access to polling booths will be available on this website during an election.

Electoral visitor voting

For elections where this service is provided, election officials visit the address of eligible voters.

Mobile polling

Election officials may visit voters in eligible remote areas during an election.

Telephone voting

A dedicated telephone voting service may be available for eligible electors including those with a disability. You must contact the ECQ to register for this service.

Read the Telephone voting information sheet for further details.

View the electronically assisted voting procedures for State General Elections and local government elections.

Translation and interpreting service

A telephone translation and interpreting service is available through Language Loop, for people with English as a second language. Visit our Accessibility page for translated election information in a number of languages.

You may also see our Multilingual guide PDF (2.98 MB) for step-by-step voting instructions in 20 languages.