How to cast your vote

Voting is compulsory at all three levels of government in Queensland. There are many ways you can cast your vote, even if you're overseas on election day.

Early voting (pre-poll)

Casting your ballot before election day is called early voting. Everyone is welcome to vote early.

Early voting locations will be listed on this website once an election has been called.

Election day

Many people vote at a polling booth on election day. We've created a step-by-step guide to take you through the voting process.

Postal voting

Electors who apply for a postal vote will have their voting materials mailed to them. However if you're registered as a special postal voter, silent elector or if the election in your area is a full postal ballot, your voting materials will be mailed to you automatically.

Postal voting only in local elections

A local government can apply to have an election conducted by postal ballot for:

  • the entire local government area; or
  • one or more divisions in the local government area; or
  • a part of the local government area as marked on a map.

An application for a postal ballot must be made to the Minister for Local Government by April 30 in the year preceding a quadrennial election.

All applications are referred to the ECQ for recommendations, but the Minister ultimately decides the outcome.

For more information see the Full postal ballot elections – application assessment policy. PDF (0.36 MB)

Voting for people overseas

There are options to support electors travelling overseas for either a short or extended period of time.

For example, you can complete an overseas notification form if you won't be able to vote while travelling overseas. If you're travelling indefinitely, you have the option to be removed from the electoral roll while you're away. However, once you return to Australia you'll need to re-enrol.