Handbooks and forms

Handbooks and fact sheets for the 2020 Local Government Quadrennial Elections
will be published in late 2019

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Handbooks and guides
Funding and Disclosure Handbook (State elections and by-elections)  PDF (0.6 MB)
Funding and Disclosure Handbook (local government elections and by-elections) PDF (0.16 MB)
Guide for Broadcasters and Publishers (State elections and by-elections)  PDF (0.12 MB)
Guide for Candidates (state election) PDF (0.34 MB)
Guide for Candidates (local government election or by-election)   PDF (0.47 MB)
Guide for Scrutineers (state election)  PDF (0.27 MB)
Guide for Scrutineers (local government election or by-election)  PDF (0.36 MB)
Registration of Political Parties  PDF (0.2 MB)
Compliance and Enforcement Policy  PDF (0.4 MB)
State government forms
QFD01A Real Time Return for State Candidates (July 2019) PDF (0.12 MB)
QFD01B Periodic Return for State Candidates (July 2019) PDF (0.09 MB)
QFD03B Individual Reporting a Gift Made (July 2019) PDF (0.17 MB)
QFD10 Special Reporting Event by Registered Political Party or Associated Entity (July 2019) PDF (0.1 MB)
QFD17 Registration of EFT Details for Policy Development Payments (July 2019) PDF (0.11 MB)
QFD25 Request to Amend a Return or Claim (July 2019) PDF (0.12 MB)QLG03 Request to Amend a Return (July 2019) PDF (0.07 MB)
Local government forms
QLG03 Request to Amend a Return (July 2019) PDF (0.07 MB)
Political party registration forms
QPR01 Application to Register a Political Party (July 2019) PDF (0.17 MB)
QPR02 Application to Change the Register of Political Parties (July 2019) PDF (0.17 MB)
QPR03 Nomination of a Deputy Registered Officer (July 2019) PDF (0.09 MB)
QPR04 Quarterly Report (July 2019) PDF (0.15 MB)
QPR05 Notice of Appointment of an Agent by a Registered Political Party (July 2019) PDF (0.12 MB)