About enrolment

Voting is compulsory in Queensland and the ECQ may fine you if you don't vote. 

Voting is your opportunity to have your say and help shape Queensland.

For more information, see the Enrolment page on this website.

Local government

In Queensland there are 77 local councils. Each council has an elected local government representative. They make important decisions on services, facilities and issues impacting the local community. Some of the responsibilities of local government representatives include:

  • local roads and footpaths
  • libraries and community centres
  • parks and recreation facilities
  • garbage and recycling collections
  • town planning and building regulations.

State government

Queensland is divided into 93 state electoral districts. In a state government election, you're voting for a representative. They'll make decisions and choices about issues that affect all Queensland residents. Some of the responsibilities of state government representatives include:

  • health, ambulance and hospital services
  • employment and education services
  • transport, planning and infrastructure
  • tourism, events and the arts
  • rural and regional development
  • family and community support and development services.