Electoral Commission Queensland

Full Preferential Voting

Full preferential voting ballot paper exampleOn Thursday, 21 April 2016 the Queensland Parliament approved a bill to replace the optional preferential voting system in state elections with a full preferential voting system. 

Full preferential voting (FPV) means numbering every box on the ballot paper in your preferred order. If every square is not numbered, your vote could be deemed informal and may not be counted.

To make your vote count under the FPV system you must number the candidates in order of your preference by:

  • placing a one (1) in the box beside your first preference;
  • a two (2) in the box beside your second preference;
  • a three (3) in the box beside your third preference; and 
  • continue numbering until all of the boxes are numbered. 

Instructions for completing a formal vote are always provided at the top of the ballot paper. Please read this information carefully to ensure your vote is counted.