Special enrolment categories

There are special enrolment categories available to electors with specific needs or circumstances. If you believe you meet the criteria for one of these categories you will need to complete the applicable enrolment form.

Special postal voter

Registering as a special postal voter means that you'll receive an application for ballot material or ballot papers by post for each election applicable to you. To register as a special postal voter you must meet one of the following criteria:

  • reside at an address more than 20km from a polling booth
  • registered as a silent elector
  • unable to attend a polling booth due to religious beliefs
  • unable to sign due to a physical incapacity.

Silent elector

You can register as a silent elector if you feel that having your address shown on the electoral roll could endanger the personal safety of you or your family. Approval to register and vote as a silent elector is granted at the discretion of the Australian Electoral Commission.

No fixed address

If you don't have a fixed, permanent address you're still eligible to enrol and vote. To register under the no fixed address category you must be an Australian citizen, aged 18 years or older and be:

  • living somewhere temporarily without a permanent home to return to; or
  • experiencing homelessness, living in crisis or transitional accommodation.

This category isn't available for people travelling (overseas, interstate, or for work) that have a permanent home to return to.