Electoral Commission of Queensland

Local Boundary Reviews

Local government reviews occur according to legislated time frames, or in response to a referral from the Minister for Local Government. The outcome of a review may include the adjustment of divisional (internal) or external boundaries, or changes to a council's electoral arrangements. For more information, see the Local Government Change Commission.

See the current boundary reviews page to view Change Commission assessments that are underway or have recently been completed.

Divisional Boundary Reviews

The last divisional boundary reviews took place in 2015. See the previous boundary reviews.

The purpose of these reviews is to ensure each division or ward contains a similar number of voters.

External Boundary or Electoral Arrangements Reviews

The Change Commission also assesses proposed changes to the external boundaries or electoral arrangements of local governments.

See the previous boundary reviews for its findings.

Spatial Data

Spatial data relating to local government divisional and area boundaries are available to download from QSpatial.