Electoral Commission of Queensland

State Referendums

A referendum is held when the government would like to change the State Constitution and provides electors with the opportunity to give their opinion. Voting in a referendum is compulsory. 

In a state referendum you will be asked to vote in favour of ("yes") or against ("no") one or more questions, rather than selecting a candidate/s as a representative for state district or local government area. 

2016 State referendum

The 2016 Queensland State Referendum, held 19 March 2016, approved a Bill for an Act to provide for fixed four-years terms for the Legislative Assembly of Queensland with 52.96% of "yes" votes in favour and 47.04% of "no" votes. The 2016 State Referendum Election Report (PDF, 2.7 MB) provides a statistical analysis and evaluation of the election. 

Previous referendum results

ProposalDateVotes in Favour ("Yes")Votes Against ("No")Result
Fixed Four (4) Year Terms19 March 201652.96%47.04%Passed
Daylight Savings22 February 199240.57%48.60%Failed
Extension of Parliamentary Terms from Three (3) to Four (4) years23 March 1991772,647811,078Failed
Control or Prohibition Liquor3 October 1923

Control or Prohibition Liquor 30 October 1920

Abolition of the Legislative Council5 May 1917119,909179,105Failed
Religious Instruction13 April 191074,22856,681Passed
Federation2 September 189938,48830,996Passed