Electoral Commission of Queensland

Disclosure Returns

Disclosure returns lodged with ECQ are published, as submitted. Returns are reviewed for legislative compliance; any returns not meeting legislative requirements may result in compliance action, the issuing of penalty notices and/or prosecution.

Electronic Disclosure System (EDS)

ECQ’s new system for providing real-time disclosure of political gifts is now live. EDS provides easy access to all funding disclosures as provided by the candidates, donors and political parties. Search by name, party, donor, electorate, dates, gift value and much more. Export to Excel or print in .pdf.

Electronic Disclosure System

Data shown in reports are as uploaded by users. ECQ does not verify or validate this data. Pre-2017 data has been transcribed from the original. Refer to the original submissions in the Archive of Disclosure Returns below if doubt exists. Users are cautioned that all data must be used with consideration of the original source.

Some candidates who have announced that they intend to nominate as a candidate in the next State General Election may have already received gifts, but may not yet be registered to use the Electronic Disclosure System (EDS). Until such time as these ‘announced candidates’ can use the EDS to disclose gifts received, ECQ will publish the gifts they have received on this page and will update this file regularly with due regard to the real-time requirements under the Electoral Act 1992.

For user assistance visit the Electronic Disclosure System Help Centre.

The procedure for electronic disclosure explains how to access EDS to make and/or view disclosures.

Archive of disclosure returns

In some instances, pages comprising glossaries, instructions or containing no information have been omitted from the scan. Original documents are retained by ECQ and can be inspected upon request.