Electoral Commission of Queensland

Biannual Disclosure Requirements

Registered political party and associated entity disclosure

The agent of a registered political party and financial controller of an associated entity are required to lodge a disclosure return for each six month reporting period. The return must be certified by a qualified auditor and lodged with the Commission within eight weeks of the end of the reporting period. The return can be lodged via the Electronic Disclosure System (EDS) on the Commission's website. The return must include:

  • the total amount of gifts or donations received by the party
  • total amount paid by the party
  • the total amount of outstanding debts, incurred by the party, at the end of the reporting period.

Special reporting events

Registered political parties, associated entities and entities must disclose gifts made accumulating to a $100,000 threshold in a single reporting period to the Commission within 7 business days. A completed special reporting event - registered political party or associated entity form can be via EDS.