Electoral Commission Queensland

Disclosure log

Date application made Applicant / entity Topic / Information Requested Status
3 November 2011 Jarrod Bleijie Section 199 Meaning of Electoral Expenditure, Electoral Act 1992 relating to the production and distribution of material during the capped expenditure period. Application Refused
10 May 2012 Scott Smart Providing the name of person/s enrolled for the address 12 Ocean Parade, Cooee Bay, Yeppoon, Qld 4703 for the period 2009/2010. Application Refused
11 May 2012 Cnr Nicole Johnston All documents including spreadsheets, emails, file notes and memos regarding instructions for vote counting, and all results for the Tennyson ward 2012 election for the time period 26 March, 2012 to and including 11 May, 2012 Application Withdrawn
  James Paul Emerson Providing the nomination forms signed by Sean Raymond Waugh, Alex Scott and Vivienne Doogan for the Together Queensland Industrial Union of Employees election RIO 2012/19. Application Refused
21 November 2012 Bruce Miller Name and Telephone Number of the Host Booth Supervisor at the Teviot Rd Booth (Logan / Lockyer Electorates) at the March 2012 State Election Application Finalised - Contact the RTI / Privacy Co-Ordinator on (07) 3035 8072
6 December 2012 Santo Santoro Details and/or records of any correspondence between the Liberal National Party (LNP), it's elected office-bearers or staff and the Electoral Commission of Queensland (ECQ), its Commissioner and Staff relating to Santo Santoro. The particular focus is any file and associated correspondence reported in the media as having been referred to the ECQ by the LNP, as well as any internal memo or report prepared by the ECQ in relation thereto and any correspondence back to the LNP advising a response. Application Finalised - Contact the RTI / Privacy Co-Ordinator on (07) 3035 8072
22 May 2013 David William Ettridge Correspondence between Tony Abbott MP and the ECQ dated around July/August 1998 Application Finalised - Contact the RTI / Privacy Co-Ordinator on (07) 3035 8072
29 July 2013 Kathryn Ridge
on behalf of
Ridge and Associates
All internal briefing memoranda, briefing memoranda to other departments or Ministers with Queensland Government, letters, emails or other file notes relating to correspondence with Sibelco North Stradbroke Island, a registered third party in the March 2012 State Election.
In particular, all correspondence relating to compliance issues (including any education actions taken) with their financial disclosure form dated 5 October 2013. Further any record providing reasons for not publishing the Sibelco NSI Third Party financial disclosure form publicly until requested by the public.
Application Finalised - Contact the RTI / Privacy Co-Ordinator on (07) 3035 8072
9 April 2014 Olive Russell All correspondence between the Electoral Commission Qld (ECQ) and Cook Shire Council (and it's representatives) regarding the possibility of holding a Referendum on Water Fluoridation. This is all correspondence received by the ECQ and sent by the ECQ. Application Finalised - Contact the RTI / Privacy Co-Ordinator on (07) 3035 8072
30 October 2014Shirley Morgan on behalf of 
Palmer United Party
All documents and correspondence held by the Electoral Commission Queensland in relation to the Palmer United Party for the entire period from 1 August 2014 to 31 October 2014.Application Finalised - Contact the RTI / Privacy Co-Ordinator on (07) 3035 8072
24 March 2016Margaret Ann Hardy"The process for assessing & deliberating the change of boundary for Jones Rd Capalaba from Redland City Division 10 to 9."Application finalised - Contact the RTI / Privacy Co-Ordinator on (07) 3035 8072
23 June 2016Lonnie Nielsen"i seek all internal file notes, phone records internal memos all complaints lodged re the election in div 3, i seek all emails in and out between ecq head office and logan ro seek all emails, texts, phone attendances between sean leader, the ro and class to head office on the 23,24,25, 27, right througnt to this date re complaints into how the count had errors in it faults with the hand books all items raised by sean leader and rarna watson, of kerry nielsens campaign team.

a copy of the everdence that the refusal for a recount by the commissioner and the logan ro,

a copy of all phone file notes by adam wilsion between all internal emails memos file notes phone records, re division 3 logan

every thing relating to the division 3 election div 3 logan city 2016 and any inwards letters and emails from the ombudsman the premier the attorney general all copys of all aspects of this matter"
ECQ refused to deal with application