Electoral Commission Queensland

Voter assistance

There are a range of services available to ensure that all electors have an equal opportunity to vote and are not disadvantaged because of personal circumstance, disability or language. The following services are available to assist electors in placing their vote:

Assisted services
Assistance at the polling boothYou may have a person join you in the polling booth to assist you to place your vote. This person may act as an interpreter, read and explain the ballot paper instructions, complete the ballot paper according to your instructions and place the ballot paper in the ballot box. This service is available at polling booths during pre-poll and on polling day. 
Declared institution voting (DI)Election officials will visit patients and residents of registered declared institutions prior to election day. This service is not available to institution staff or visitors. 
Disability accessPolling booths are rated according to their wheelchair accessibility with either full, assisted or no accessibility. Information on disability access will be available on our website during election times. 
Electoral visitor voting (EV)If you are eligible for an EV vote a polling official will attend your address to allow you to place your vote. Eligibility requirements are outlined on the electoral visitor vote application form (PDF, 149.4 KB).
Mobile pollingElection officials will visit electors in remote areas (including outer Torres Strait Islands). A list of communities to be visited will be advertised on the website, in regional newspapers and, on local radio closer to election times.
Telephone votingA dedicated telephone voting system will be available prior to and on election day for electors with a disability or vision impairment. Please contact ECQ prior to election day to register for this service.
Translation and interpreting serviceA full telephone translating and interpreting service is available for electors with English as a second language. Contact the service on 13 14 50.
Electronically assisted voting (EAV)Procedures for Queensland State elections (PDF, 4.2 MB) and Local Government elections (PDF, 4.2 MB) are in place to support electors wishing to make an electronically assisted vote.