Electoral Commission Queensland


When you enrol your name and address is added to the electoral roll; this is a list of all people eligible to vote in an election. A copy of the Queensland electoral roll is available for public inspection at ECQ head office

Access to the Commonwealth electoral roll can be arranged through the Australian Electoral Commission.

Eligibility requirements

It is compulsory to enrol and vote in local, state and federal elections if you:

  • have turned 16, however you will not be eligible to vote until you are 18;
  • are an Australian citizen or eligible British subject; and
  • have lived at your address for at least 1 month.

Enrolment options

Check your enrolment

You can check your enrolment to ensure your details are correct and find out where you are registered to vote.
Change my enrolment addressIf you have moved you must update your enrolment address to ensure your details are accurate on the electoral roll. 
Change my enrolment nameIf you change your name, you must update enrolment with your new details. 
Enrol to vote onlineEnrol to vote online through the AEC enrolment portal or by collecting a form from any Australia Post or an Australian Electoral Commission office.
Download an enrolment formInformation on options for returning your completed enrolment are available on the form.
Enrol under special enrolment categoryA number of special enrolment categories are available for electors who meet the eligibility requirements.
Remove an electors name from the electoral rollComplete this form if you believe a registered elector should be removed from the electoral roll as they comply with one of the objection reasons listed on the form.

Enrolment figures

Information is available on the Queensland current enrolment figures for each state electoral district. These figures are used by the Change Commission to establish when a redistribution is required. The electoral boundaries section provides more information on the redistribution process.