Political Parties

The Electoral Act 1992 allows for the registration of political parties.

At election time parties may qualify for a certain level of public funding (see below) but to be eligible they must be registered with the Commission. Detailed information about the registration process and requirements is included in the handbook Registration of Political Parties - Queensland. In summary, to qualify for registration parties must: 

  • have a minimum of 500 members or a member who is also an elected member of the Queensland Parliament; 
  • register a complying constitution; and 
  • nominate a registered officer for the purposes of the Electoral Act.

Eligibility for public funding is balanced by a requirement that registered political parties must publicly disclose details of their financial dealings.

Click here to view the Register of Political Parties. Click here for information about current registration applications and proposed changes to the register.

The following is a list of current party constitutions:

Australian Labor Party - State of Queensland 
Queensland Greens 
Family First Party - Queensland Division 
Liberal National Party of Queensland 
One Nation Queensland Division 
Katter's Australian Party
Palmer United Party 

To register a political party the following forms can be completed online then downloaded and signed before sending or delivering to the Commission.

Application to Register a Political Party 
Application to change the Register of Political Parties 
Nomination of a Deputy Registered Officer of a Registered Political Party 
Notice of Appointment of an Agent by a Registered Political Party