Electoral Commission Queensland

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The localities and postcodes list (XLSX, 201.2 KB) provides comprehensive information on all electoral areas in Queensland. 

Local council areas

There are 77 local council areas within Queensland which can be divided or undivided. In a divided council area electors from each division are required to elect one councillor to represent them. In an undivided council area electors are required to elect all councillors they wish to represent them in local government. Find your local council area by visiting the local area boundary maps page. 

State electoral districts

Queensland is divided into 89 state electoral districts. At a state election, the people in each electoral district vote for one candidate to represent them in parliament. Each of the elected candidates represent one of the 89 state districts in the Queensland parliament. Therefore, it is important that each member of parliament represents a balanced number of electors. Find your state electoral district by visiting the state district maps page.