Electoral Commission Queensland

2016 State Referendum

The 2016 State Referendum was held on Saturday 19 March. Queensland electors voted to approve a Bill to move to fixed four-year parliamentary terms. The Commission was responsible for conducting the referendum in accordance with the provisions of the Referendums Act 1997.

Further information is available on this website for:


The writ, issued by the Governor, is an official instruction for the Commission to conduct a referendum and is available for public inspection through the link below:

Queensland Constitution

The Constitution of Queensland 2001 is a set of rules and provisions which determine how the state is governed. The Constitution Act Amendment Act 1934 sets the terms of the legislative assembly. 

The upcoming referendum is for a Bill that seeks to amend both constitutional acts. As a democratic society, alterations to the constitution must be put to a referendum to allow Queensland electors an opportunity to vote on the proposed change. 

Parliament Bill

The Bill to be considered by electors has been passed by the legislative assembly and is available for public inspection. 

Statement of Arguments

The Commission is required to publish a statement of arguments in favour of or against the question to be posed to electors at the 2016 State Referendum. These arguments have been authorised by the majority of Parliamentary members who voted for and against the Bill.


The Finance and Administration Committee have compiled a report presenting a summary of the Committee's examination of the proposed constitutional changes. The report is available to be viewed on the Queensland Parliament website through the link below: