Electoral Commission Queensland

Candidates & political parties

Financial disclosure requirements and provisions for candidates, third parties and groups of candidates are detailed in the Local Government Disclosure Handbook (PDF, 143.6 KB). All disclosure return forms are available on the handbooks and forms page of our website. 

Disclosure returns for the 2016 Local Government Quadrennial Elections must be lodged with the Commission within 15 weeks after polling day (Monday 4 July 2016).

Candidate disclosure

Candidates in the local government election are required to operate a dedicated account for the running of their election campaign. All monies received and/or paid for the conduct of the candidate's election campaign for the election must be paid into the dedicated account and disclosed to the Commission.

  • Candidates are required to lodge a disclosure return detailing all gifts (both monetary or gifts in kind) and loans received for the election.
  • Under the Local Government Electoral Act 2011, penalties may be enforced for non-compliance with financial disclosure obligations.

Third party disclosure

Third parties engaging in political activity for the local government election are required to submit a disclosure return to the Commission detailing:

  • expenditure incurred for a political activity
  • all gifts received to enable expenditure to be incurred.

How-to-vote cards

All stipulations and particulars for the distribution and lodgement of how-to-vote cards is outlined in part 10, division 2 of the Electoral Act 1992 and in the candidates guide available on the handbooks and forms section of our website.