Electoral Commission Queensland

Handbooks and forms

Handbooks and guides
Guide for candidates (local government election or by-election)  (PDF, 440.2 KB)
Guide for scrutineers (local government election or by-election) (PDF, 370.7 KB)
Guide for candidates (state election) (PDF, 625.9 KB)
Guide for scrutineers (state election) (PDF, 340.2 KB)
Registering a new political party handbook (PDF, 428.8 KB)
Local government forms
QLG01 Candidate disclosure return (PDF, 652.0 KB)
QLG02 Disclosure return - third party (PDF, 526.1 KB)
QLG03 Request to amend a return (PDF, 80.3 KB)
State government forms
QFD01 Political party disclosure return (PDF, 871.7 KB) 
QFD02 Associated entities disclosure return (PDF, 249.8 KB)
QFD03A Organisation - disclosure of gifts (PDF, 114.9 KB)
QFD03B Individual - disclosure of gifts (PDF, 147.0 KB)
QFD07 Third party disclosure return (PDF, 142.0 KB)
QFD09 Candidate disclosure return and election funding claim (PDF, 559.6 KB) 
QFD10 Special reporting event return - registered political party or associated entity (PDF, 32.3 KB)
QFD11 Special reporting event return by entity making a gift (PDF, 31.2 KB)
QFD16 Registration of eftpos details for election funding (PDF, 68.9 KB)
QFD17 Policy development payment eftpos registration (PDF, 81.2 KB)
QFD21 Publisher disclosure return (PDF, 38.3 KB) 
QFD22 Broadcaster disclosure return (PDF, 37.5 KB)
QFD25 Request to amend disclosure return or funding claim (PDF, 68.2 KB)
Political party registration forms
QPR01 Application to register a political party (PDF, 251.6 KB)
QPR02 Application to amend the register (PDF, 484.8 KB)
QPR03 Nomination of deputy registered officer (PDF, 120.7 KB)
QPR05 Appointment of an agent (PDF, 126.7 KB)