Electoral Commission Queensland

Funding and disclosure

Disclosure returns

All candidates, registered political parties, associated entities, groups and individuals are required to submit a return to ECQ disclosing details on any loans, donation and gifts given and/or received. All returns received prior to the introduction of the Electronic Disclosure System (EDS) on 1 March 2017 are published, as submitted, on the disclosure returns page of this website. All reportable transactions received after that date are published on EDS. 

Information on the requirements and obligations for persons or entities making a disclosure to ECQ can be found in the sections below:

Election funding

A candidate or registered political party, at a state election or by-election, may apply for a reimbursement of electoral expenditure.

Application forms can be found on the handbooks and forms page and can be submitted in person, by fax, email or post. The claim must be accompanied with supporting documentation such as invoices or receipts. Supporting documents must be kept by the candidate or party for three years after the lodgement date. 

Policy development funding

A registered political party is eligible for policy development funding if the party:

  • was registered at the last general state election and has remained registered
  • has at least 1 elected member of parliament.

Detailed information is available in the funding and disclosure handbook.